Please help me out please

My pc is now taking much more time to go to next step during boot, I mean it will stuck on boot main menu for 5min, then black screen for 5min, then 5min on zorin boot menu. My pc does not take usually this much time but now it is doing.
And my pc was constantly restarting itself again and again and sometime it not even reach the zorin boot logo beacuse before that it again restart itself. After that i realized my power supply was not ok, so after changing it these all happens-
And then i have tried "blkid"-
And then i have tried "fsck /dev/sda2 - y"
And these all happen- (as my monitor screen is broken a little bit that's why i took more pictures-

Going by the screenshots, it looks like your Hard Drive has bad sectors or is failing.

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What can i do now??

You can try running SMART test on the drive to check its integrity.

A failing drive can only really be solved by replacing the drive.


Aravisian is 100% right, I can also confirm that this is the only solution. The good news is, hard drives are fairly cheap now days.

If your running on an older computer that uses SATA drives, get yourself a nice 512GB or 1TB SSD for your computer, install Zorin OS 16 on it, and enjoy life with no bad sectors HEHE.

If your computer is modern enough to use an NVME drive, they do cost a bit more, so you can aim for a 512GB NVME SSD to save on cost. And again, enjoy Linux with no bad sectors.

Ok i will buy a new one, but don't i have other option to solve the problem of this hard drive now?? Because i have some important files in this hard drive


What you want to do about that, is hookup an external drive to your computer, copy the files from your internal drive that you want to backup, and paste them onto the external drive.

Once you buy a new hard drive, and replace your internal hard drive with it, then install Zorin OS 16, you can then copy the backed up files on your external drive, and then place them onto your new internal drive.

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I will try

Hi do i need any application to copy the file or i can do it simply doing some clicks????

You can simply copy/paste in an external drive, no need of any application.

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Just use your file manager, you are using CORE, so that file manager is called Nautilus. Just navigate to where your files are, then open your external drive on another file manager window. Copy the files at the location that they are on your internal drive, then paste them onto your external drive window.

Click Zorin :zorin: logo bottom of screen, type "FILES" you will see it, thats your Nautilus file manager.


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