POP OS to abandon Gnome


System76 is one of the stakeholders for Gnome. This is significant in many ways.
Another stakeholder is Canonical - who left their mark when they abandoned Gnome and developed Unity Desktop.
Both canonical (Which I admit, I hold no love for) and System76 were involved in making Gnome sign a pledge to stop breaking themes some years back.
Libadwaita- which directly affects Canonical, system76 and ALL distro developers would require any distro using a theme other than Gnomes Adwaita to have Gnome sign off Permission to use their own theme much like Microsofts Secure Boot.
This way, LibAdwaita sidesteps the Gnome pledge...

You must hand it to the Gnome Developers for having such unrelenting gall. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!
Then fire them.

Needless to say, Canonical is also very unhappy with what Gnome is doing and how far Gnome has grown too big and uppity for its breaches.
I am curious to see what the Canonical response will be.
If Canonical and System76 both pull back, Gnome will have No Other Choice but to revert course on their Very Bad Behavior.


From Josh@ Solus


This really was news to me, I never heard any news through the grapevine that System76 was planning to leave Gnome behind, until you posted that video. Its not surprising though. System76 has a good head on their shoulders.

Well, it sounds like their gonna make their own DE then. POP Cosmic has been pretty popular in the POP community, a lot of people like it. I however prefer Dash To Panel, and I don't much like docks, so I had to disable POP Cosmic cause Dash To Panel don't play well with it.

I am happy to hear that System76 wishes to do the right thing here. I think the guy is right, once the other distro developers see POP leaving Gnome behind, I think they will follow as well. And like he also said, if the new POP DE is good, others might use it too for their distro's, you never know.

Some people are using POP shell on Zorin OS, yes, I kid you not, some people are doing that. I tell you one thing, I really hope that the Zorin brothers do the same. There cannot be any doubt any longer that Gnome is bad. The community is fed up, so should be the Zorin team.

Gnome goes against everything that FOSS stands for. Its clear that they want to be the next Microsoft. I say, cut em loose, they want to get out of the GPT, well, cut em loose from GPT and FOSS, and tell them, you are no longer open source, you are now a closed source company, and you can't distribute your garbage in the open source community any longer.

Think of it like that moment in Disney's Aladdin, when Jafar wanted to be the most powerful genie in the world. Just one problem with that. You want to be a genie, that means, you get everything that comes with it, slave shackles, and a lamp you are eternally tied to.

Gnome wants to be the next Microsoft, cut em loose, let them hang by their boot straps. Maybe Microsoft will burry them in competition. But then again, its just as likely they would merge with Microsoft, and make them bigger. lol If Zorins stick with Gnome in OS 17, it will make me question them, so lets hope they do the right thing as well.

I am kind of excited about this new POP DE they are working on. Curious to see what they come up with. :slightly_smiling_face:

FYI. A link to OMG! Ubuntu item "System76 is Building Its Own Desktop Environment" was posted by @Bourne here:


A new desktop environment in the linux world will definitely do more bad than good...A new desktop environment would mean that the development will split again. New linux users always get confused with so many options. With every new OS base (I mean debian, arch, ubuntu; etc) and desktop environment, a new option gets added and development splits.

A lesser of two evils? What Gnome is doing deserves nothing less than derision.
Gnome should split -or better yet, take jobs at Microsoft where they belong.

There are already a bunch of Desktop Options. Having options and the ability to choose and control your own machine is a great thing.
Adding One More won't make even a dent in what you describe.

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I reading when some version Fedora what Linux Torvalds using he updated Fedora and saw a Gnome 3.0 he was angry and back to XFCE4. More population on the earth are old people generation. They need a simple operating system distribution. POP OS they don't share a code on git what I reading some post on reddit.

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Torvalds has been as harsh with Gnome as he has with Nvidia and anti-vaxxers.:stuck_out_tongue: It's pretty awesome.

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Why add another DE when there are so many? Many people like XFCE or Cinnamon, why not switch DEs instead of creating new ones. That way they can improve already existing DEs. Although you point is not wrong. :slightly_frowning_face:

Neither is yours wrong and I think it is valid to consider using an already existent D.E...
I think that Sys76 had already been wanting to develop a Desktop Environment of their own, to give their OS a distinct style that is POP OS and no one elses.

Ok. What you thinking where linux go in future? You can put some ideas. We can also asking brothers zorinos what way they want choice.

Fact: Cosmic (the new DE) is based on Gnome.
For the same reason I wouldn't expect much difference between the two, other than some UI modifications and some new features.. :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

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Ok if POP OS cut from this all mess and go our way maybe will be more better?

Its almost 12 here...I will come back tomorrow

ok. Sleep well and good night.

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While I can appreciate the argument for ensuring a degree of consistency in the desktop and for having a well designed and consistent theming interface that ensures a reliable experience, I think Gnome is intent on locking everything down and everyone else out.

The only course of action for smaller distro's is do what Solus is doing and to take control of their own destiny, even if that means things a little janky for a while. Otherwise, every Gnome based distro will essentially be the same and there will be little to distinguish them. Gnome in the future may work well technically, but it will be pointless for smaller distros and for users looking for something different.

It's very soul would have gone, as would the reasons you guys are here.

I would love to see another desktop rise up and pull the rug from under them.

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What I considered POP OS want going own they politic. This is company what could be in future only support them a computers. People are changed, world is diffrent what was before. Why not gived a chance some small company what decide a change the Linux on the world? Maybe they will creating new things like Huawei new android os when attacked from outsider.

There is no way I would ever go back to Solus - it is shoddy compared to Zorin and other distributions out there.

I would hardly say this about Gnome-Web-Browser. It is as amateur as it gets.
Gnome-software is the leading problem app discussed on this forum of all time.
We spend more time troubleshooting Gnome-Extensions than we do any other third party application.
And it is the primary thing we troubleshoot just beneath Gnome-software, Wifi and Sound issues.

This thread is User Expression of their opinions and feelings toward Gnome. This can be helpful to the ZorinGroup developers.
We really appreciate the time, development and utility of Zorin OS. But that does not mean we all agree with every decision that the ZorinGroup makes.
Users are within their rights to discuss and speak their opinions and views on issues that affect us all.

Because Moderators are human beings, that discuss, participate and take part in discussions. They are not obligated to appeal Only To Your Point Of View in order to be moderators.
But while we are on the topic of Moderators...

You wanna maybe address this Ad Hominem attack you made on all the people not aligned to Your World View?