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I have a simple txt file in a NTFS pen drive. When I double click on it, Zorin give me a pop up with 4 options Run in Terminal, Display, Cancel, Run.

I understand that since the pen drive is NTFS, Zorin does not know if that is an executable or not (therefore the pop up), but is there a way to remove that pop for .txt files like Windows would do?

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This is because Windows marks every file as executable.
When Gnome encounters these file it doesn't know if it should execute them as a script or display them.

Your script may be a bash script but without an extension.

When a script is executed bash sends it to the kernel and the kernel works out what programme to run it with.

Most scripts start with

#! /bin/bash


#! /bin/python3

And it's that first line with the #! that the kernel uses.

Mount the NTFS drive with noexec flag to see whether this will stop the prompt and always just open the file in the editor?


You may want to ensure that the txt extension is listed in gedit's list of recognized extensions.

You may also want to run:

set quick_exec=0 in ~/.config/libfm/libfm.conf

but this will mean you will have to call all scripts from the cli, clicking them would not work as it does now, it will always open in the editor.

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Thanks @337harvey

I am not able to find the file you mentioned


I am running Zoring OS 16.1 64 bits

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