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Hello! I have a problem. Some popup menus look like jumbled pixels. This is not the case on a laptop. Only on the computer. What to do? Thank you
Здравствуйте! У меня проблема. Некоторые выплывающие меню выглядят как перемешанные пиксели. На ноутбуке такого нет. Только на компьютере. Что делать?Спасибо

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I have seen this issue only on Nvidia. Can you confirm if you are using Nvidia Graphics?

If so, please try launching Software & Updates from the app menu. Move to the Additional Drivers tab. Select a different Nvidia Driver (I am on 525 Proprietary and it is working well on a GTX3060) to test. You will need to reboot each time you change to a different driver.


Thanks for the answer! I don't have Nvidia. I will try to do as you recommend

There is a first time for everything.

Can you please post the output of

sudo lshw -C video

Let's see if we can determine which drivers you need.

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