Possible to add new topic categories?

Do you think it would be possible, since several members are interested in development, it's how i came to know of zorin and supported from the start. Would a development topic be permitted, added... maybe even allow Community contributions to your work and vice versa? Allows all of us to get more involved, be a closer community... allow us the ability to maybe contribute to something we strongly believe in, something we already follow?

Moderate, stable, reliable, adaptable... it's not just the os. People show more support when they are allowed to contribute, especially in the creation of things... look at you guys, the devs of Zorin.


It would seem that the topics are limited, as well as tags. Though it can not be expected that you, as devs, are able to think of everything. Some possible improvements would be:

New topic categories:

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Development
  • Customization

New tags:

  • software
  • hardware
  • appearance
  • boot
  • forum

Adding OS identifier request: https://forum.zorin.com/t/testing-out-the-new-forum/104/30?u=carmar