Possible to have a "General Linux" Discussion Category?


I came here because I was installing and trying out Zorin 16 and absolutely love this forum. However, in the end, I opted for a different distro but run Zorin in a virtual machine (and actively use it in testing).

I'm passionate about Linux, Linux desktops and developing for Linux. I would very much like to hang around here, even though I'm not currently running Zorin as my primary OS (I certainly support it however).

I'm wondering whether it would be possible and appropriate to have a "General Linux" category that is not dedicated to Zorin?


Just found a previous discussion regards a possible development category:


Well, technically that is what the lounge is for isn't it? You just have to reach level 3 status. How do you reach level 3? Hang around for awhile, chat with people, don't break the rules lol.

We've already been talking about other Linux distro's on this site for a long time now. I myself am known to be an advocate of POP OS, while also simultaneously support Zorin OS. It might be a bit wackydoodle for some, but it feels right for me.

And you know what else feels right? Our family. And that is why you like hanging out there, were a close group of friends that we consider family. I will admit, I didn't feel a right to post in the Zorin desktop screenshot thread until I actually had one of Zorin first lol.


Ah I see. I don't see the Lounge yet. I'm only a lowly "Member" as yet. I'll hang around some more then.

And thanks

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I think I'll be sticking around. In fact, just bought Zorin Pro. :slight_smile:


Not only did you make me so proud of you for buying PRO and supporting the DEV's, but you also went and updated your profile to reflect that. You, are positively stellar! :star2:

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