Power Management Guide

Hey, I am new to Zorin OS so I need some guide with some problems....
So, I installed the Lite Version in my old HP laptop & its facing this issue that it doesn't sleeps/suspends (Not even sure if Sleep and Suspend is same thing here or not) after i.e. 15 Mins of inactivity (My Preference). Neither does the display turn off after 5 minutes of so... (My Preference 'again')
Have tried to set this up in Power Manager, but couldn't get desired results, so can anyone guide me on this?

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Can you please check if xfce4-power-manager is installed? If so this article may help:

Zorin is based off Ubuntu 20.04 - Core is based on Ubuntu, Lite is based on xubuntu - x = xfce Desktop Environment.

Details on how to make settings here:


Got it Working Now. Thanks.

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Glad you got sorted friend.

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