Power/Performance Settings

I am running Zorin OS 16 on an Asus laptop (Ryzen 7 5800H) and using a gnome extension to measure clock speed and I see that the CPU is maxing out at 3.6Ghz, not going beyond 4Ghz (specs say that max turbo boost is 4.4Ghz)

Is there a performance setting? I saw some settings on Pop OS though.

It might be doing this to save drain on battery.

I didn't install any tools to save battery - certainly have not installed autofreq.

What I was trying to say is that the OS might be limiting the CPU to ensure battery drain does not happen quickly - the more CPU power is used the quicker the battery will drain.

Okay. So can I not undo it or prevent it - atleast just for testing? I am running virtual machines and I think that is what is slowing down things.

I checked with top and it's not iowait that's causing problems.

Try using the package Chris Titus Tech uses in that YouTube video he did.

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