Preventing a usb device from mounting automatically

I have just been handed a laptop at work that has windows installed on it. As it is not possible for me to install Zorin Os 16 or another Gnu Linux distribution on it, I would like you to tell me how to prevent a usb device from automatically mounting on the PC (using Zorin Os) I have at home.
I am going to be forced to share files generated on the laptop, which is at work, with my PC.
I don't trust Windows security at all, so I want to avoid the possibility of contaminating my PC with a virus or malware.
The idea is to be able to check the usb device before opening it.
Thank you very much.

sudo apt install dconf-editor

Navigate to /org/gnome/desktop/media-handling and switch off automount

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Thank you very much for your response.

windows malware won't run on Linux :wink:

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