Printing options available

Well just thought I would share with you I had an issue printing a web page of renewal of my zero vehicle tax renewal - wouldn't print. Had a lot of jobs in queue on attempting reprint so decided to delete and start again. When you start off you may find that your printer is picked up but that it is 'driverless' which means the system sees it but it won't print - even if it tells you that the job has been sent. I tried the usual of using the IP address of the printer and also the IP address of the router as 'host' - nada. Then I spotted an option I had not seen before on any GNU/Linux system - dnssd:

All is well, AND I can now see my ink levels!

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I have that the same option on my Brother printer .... but sometimes it will say Low Ink when it isn't .... all the reservoirs are at least 1/2 full .... sometimes with that warning it will print and sometimes not .... so I open the fill door wait a few and then close it again .... when it asks if I filled it I tell it yes .... and it will start printing .....

I wish printers weren't so darn expensive I'd start looking for another .... but then I don't even print once a week so I'll just grin and bare it .... for now .... guess I shouldn't complain to much after all the ol' gal is 8 years old ....

HI Frog, The actual levels are pretty identical to what is shown on the Printer's interface, so it is accurate in my instance.