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"Can I install my copy of Zorin OS Pro on multiple computers? You can install your copy of Zorin OS Pro on multiple computers for personal use. For use in a business or organization use, you will need to purchase a copy of Zorin OS Pro for each computer you intend to use it on. "

What about non profit organizations having for goal to help animals and people in the need ?


Is there an upgrade price from one major Pro release to another ?

I consolidate a similar question into one thread.
There are only handful volunteers in this forum.
It is better not to split volunteers attention to multiple threads.

Ok thanks.
Each community has its preferences, some don't like to merge different subjects into one thread, others prefer merging.

I follow each community preferences

I can't see a Charity being a business - true it has to run like one but funds are stretched, especially with Covid-19 preventing people from earning money to give to charities, especially when homelessness and food banks are on the increase. Whilst you can put your copy of Pro on as many machines that you own, as with other distributions that offer paid support, only the initial machine can be supported, not the second, third and so on.

If i well understood about support, even the initial machine is not supported as the support is only about the installation process, not for others subjects.

About pricing, copy of Pro on as many machines that you own is a huge advantage on a personal level, over, let's say, windows. On levels different from personal, it is not as you can buy windows Pro as low as 9 or 10€ so choosing linux (here zorin pro for 39€) is a choice not based on the acquisition price.

Whatever, the question is about charity initiatives, how are they considered ?

I thought that support was for 3 months and will of course only relate to supplied software in Pro - obviously they can't support other areas as there core concern is the OS, so things like getting a printer to work I would have thought should be covered for example. The Core version is free and is easy to acquire additional software via Synaptic. What packages does a Charity need? Probably a financial package of course to keep track of incomings and outgoings - for that use GNU Cash - it is in the Software Channel and is a great finance package that uses double-entry book-keeping - I used it when I was running my personal business.

What environement/solution a charity need is a good question, i may participate into a thread where that question would be submited.

In the meantime, i prefer to keep this thread focused on the question initially submited, that allows to preserve the subject integrity of each thread

I would think it best for the OP to send a PM to the devs if multiple installs of ZorinOS Pro at a Charity organisation are being considered.
I seem to think this matter has maybe arisen before, but finding such a thread could prove difficult.

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Good point, thanks.
Who are the dev i can PM by the way ?

The two devs (yes just 2 of them) are @AZorin and @zorink. They are probably very busy with ZorinOS 16 Lite, so you may have to wait a little for a reply.

The best way to contact them is to reply to the confirmation email after you paid for the Zorin Pro.


@FrenchPress I agree, but his profile currently states he has Core, so maybe not purchased Pro yet.

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Thanks zabadabadoo

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Merci FrenchPress

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I would take the statement you have quoted from the Zorin page as a blanket statement for any form of business model. While it would be beneficial for the non-profit to only have one license, it puts more strain on the devs to consider supporting multiple machines on one license.

By purchasing for each machine it ensures dev installation support for each machine (which I'm sure varies in a non-profit).

This poses difficulty on the non-profit as well as the Zorin brothers (who are the entirety of the Zorin Group and developers). They are the only ones that can answer this since the forum is maintained (for the most part) and support offered by volunteers who are members of the forum.


In that case, I think the simplest solution would be using Core version.
Core and Pro are essentially the same thing.

Pro is designed to give a support for developers and only gives nominal additions over Core version for gesture of gratitude for the supporters.

See this list of comparison:

Any applications that are missing in Core version can be easily installed in Software.


Yep that is one of the wonderful perks to your donation...


LOL. You opened my eyes support for installation on Pro version. That's means people what we help coming from volunter and good heart also share our private time.

Just one small hindrance <- English or Irish language required for a direct support from the developer :crazy_face: