Probable CD drive problem

Hi.Im useing zorin os for one year without problems.but now my cd drive just gone from the home folder and its wont recognize cd roms.I reinstalled the os and everithing was good again.But after the first time i restart the pc the cd drive vas missing again from home folder(mounted devices).is that somekinde of bug maybe?please help.

On the forum, you will get replies that try to help troubleshoot from a software perspective ; the assumption that a software bug or update broke the system. But please keep in mind that hardware can go bad as it ages. Hardware really is a common cause and it is one thing most people hope it is not.
Let’s try to troubleshoot under the assumption it is a software problem but be ready to consider Hardware faults if all suggestions here fail. A laser reader will damage the lens over time. Sometimes, this can be fixed by mere cleaning, checking the cable connection or by increasing the power to the laser (Many laser readers have a potentiometer built in for just that purpose.)

Does the drive spin when a disk is inserted, regardless of whether the File Manager recognizes it?

What happens if you try to mount manually: Does it mount and read or give any errors?

sudo mount /dev/sr0 /mnt

Could you please post the output of

sudo lshw -C disk

Also, since you re-installed, you have a copy to boot up a LiveCD demo- is that by USB or by disk? If by USB, you can do testing of the CD drive in LiveCD mode to see if everything works with repeated testing.

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