Problem with Firefox that makes Zorin mess up?

This has happened before, and I'm not sure what the cause is.

So, i use Firefox, and whenever my laptop needs a software update, i close Firefox and any other programs i have open. But then, sometimes after a software update, I'll try to open Firefox again, and a message will pop up (i wasn't able to get a picture because i didn't know my computer would mess up) saying that Firefox is already open, and that i need to close it, restart the computer, or use a different profile. I restarted my laptop, and this screen popped up.

I know i had troubles with this screen before, and i posted a topic asking for help for it, but i think this problem might have to do with Firefox this time, which i why i created a new topic.

Last time i had trouble with this, i had to reinstall Zorin. I really don't want to lose everything on my laptop. Is there a way to fix this so it stops happening?

At that prompt you see, type exit and hit enter.
Once you do this, it will show what the actual error is. Can you relay that here?
You will probably need to run fsck on your machine.

The last time I was having the same problem, I followed the instruction on this page and it saved my day:

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can you killall firefox

No, the OP even cannot boot into the operating system.

How does Firefox cause a massive problem like? I don't use Firefox so I haven't experienced anything like it.

That I have no idea. In my case, the log in problem happened out of blue and it had nothing to do with Firefox.

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It is not Firefox that caused it. It is likely due to a mechanical failure within the drive. This is not the only thing that can cause it, but is among the likeliest.
Running fsck usually can find and correct bad sectors on a drive. Most people do have bad sectors, so it is not the end of the world... Usually... It may indicate imminent hdd failure though and should be taken seriously and plans drawn up to replace the drive when able.

The website you posted said that if the OP is getting the issue often, it's most like the drive's problem. Is it the drive?

I only had it once.
Never seen it for months now.
So at least in my case, it was not a SSD issue.

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Ya, but this person said he had it like 2 times? Is this the 3rd time or this the second time?

If the code for Firefox happens to be written in a Bad Sector, it is the app that will show the symptoms.
Moving the code and quarantine the sector are the most viable options.

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I think only OP can answer your question.
I am not a psychic and do not have a :crystal_ball:

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True, but I hear you do have a magic wand.

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