Problem with installing drivers

Hello. I download a drivers from this webside.
With going instruction installation I have this information.
Unsupported DEB-based OS: /etc/os-release ID 'zorin'
From this side are originally drivers to my graphic card.

Solution is in this link

Wystąpiły błędy podczas przetwarzania:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
I get this problems.

Is the driver executable ?

sudo chmod +x "filename"

I reading open source are better drivers. Then this need uninstall and install open source?

Następujące pakiety zostały zatrzymane:
libvkd3d1 libvkd3d1:i386
this packs are stopped.

Someone help me with install Shader Compiler from this side instruction
I am stop on topic Shader Compiler.
Or from this side help me
So with reading i digging to MonoGame. OMG I am confuse.

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