Problem with Installing Zorin Connect

I'd like to be able to use Zorin Connect. I seems intriguing to integrate Zorin on the old Macbook Pro (2012). I have with a Samsung A54 smartphone. However, I've run into a problem. In setting Zorin Connect on the computer, I can't get past the "Devices" screen where it is apparently searching the smartphone. It just keeps on spinning. I separately Bluetooth paired the A54 with the Mac. It paired successfully. I also forced a connection from the Mac by entering in the IP address of the A54. However, the Devices screens still spins and doesn't let me proceed. I don't get it.

Are you using a vpn?
Also see if your firewall is turned on in ZorinOS by searching for firewall in start menu

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I haven't tried Zorin Connect sufficiently, but doesn't it only connect to phones when they are connected to the same connection that the computer is connected to?

I'm not using VPN nor did I have the firewall on at the time. I turned Firewall on just now. I'll try again.

When you say same connection, are you referring to the WiFi? Normally, my smartphone is not on WiFi. Thanks.

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Yes, same wifi network is one way to do it

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Yeah, I meant that, I read that to connect the phone to the computer you have to be connected to the same connection for both. I was also checking the software a bit more and I noticed that on Zorin Connect Information > Information Website hyperlink opens nothing while GNU license one does :person_shrugging:. I wanted right to check the website to have more info and check how it works more accurately but nothing to do.

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