Problema Performance

I have a ThinkPad L14 G2 year 2022 laptop.
I chose to install Zorin 16 for its beauty, and collaborate with the team by buying the Pro version, but the performance it is giving is lousy for my laptop hardware.
As soon as I turn it on, it consumes 60% of RAM.
The windows do not move smoothly.
I use it for software development.
Is there an explanation?
laptop features:
Ram 16Gb
Disc M2 512
11th Gen Intel® Core⢠i5-1135G7 Processor @ 2.40GHz à 8
Intel® Xe Graphics Table (TGL GT2)

I am almost sure that there is something in Zorin Os that is not managing to work optimally with my hardware, since, with other distributions it works perfectly, even w11 works smoothly.

I agree with you, an initial boot jumping to 60% of your RAM is abnormal.
I have 16 gigs of RAM and it will initially run at about 8% RAM and increase to around 25% when I open the Web Browser. Though, I am using Zorin OS Lite, it really should not make that much of a difference.

In terminal, you can run TOP to see what is consuming the most memory.


Or, you can use htop


Check your Start-up programs that autostart and see if you have any memory hogs there.

If this was me... I would first just Wipe And Re-Install Zorin OS.
There may be a corruption in a file when it installed. Sometimes, a simple reinstall will work wonders.


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