Problems after update to Zorin 17

Hi folks,

Yesterday, I finally found enough spare time to proceed to the Zorin 17 update. I followed the required steps before the update, then launched it, waited for the completion and restarted my laptop.

Since then, each time I'm logging in, I've got this error message from Software app : "Failure to update : failed to build result for 362301da643102b9f38477387e2193e57abaa590". I've no idea what it means and how to solve it.

Moreover, I can't launch Kodi any longer, although other video players just work fine.

Otherwise, everything is working fine, even Wine and the few Windows software I had to install because of my job.

Any help is welcome, thanks.

Did you type the error message a little different then it is? Like "Failure" instead of "Failed". If so, you can check image in the following post, if the error is the same (except the long string of numbers), you should be able to use the solution in the reply).

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Well, it looks a lot like the message on my screen. I've written 'failed' as I needed to translate it from French (my language and the one I use on my laptop system).

I'll give it a go, if it doesn't work out properly, I'll be back here.

Thanks for your advice.

Tried it. Allowed me to access several updates that were missing.

Kodi's still not running, working on it, but no solution yet.

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I am happy the upgrade error is solved. Maybe you want to remove the "solution" to my reply, so that it is a better chance somone would reply to the other issue with Kodi. Or maybe create a new post about the Kodi issue? I don't have Kodi installed. Hopefully somone else can help about Kodi.

Yeah, I'll create a new post concerning Kodi, I should have in the 1st place.

Unless I find a solution myself, as far as Kodi is concerned I usually do.

And since the latest update, I've got a problem with Skype : it starts but never connects... That's a bother, I don't like that software at all, but it's worked related... No choice in the matter.

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Did you tried to uninstall it and then install it again?

I'd prefer to avoid that, because if I do I'll have to reset everything on Kodi (from language to internet setting etc...). It's not difficult, but rather time consuming.

When I try to launch Kodi from terminal, I got this error message, but I can't figure out the meaning of it :

/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/kodi/kodi.bin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/kodi/kodi.bin: undefined symbol: _ZN6spdlog7details7log_msgC1ENS_10source_locEN3fmt2v617basic_string_viewIcEENS_5level10level_enumES6_

Hmm ... I'm not an Expert but when I see the Error Message I looks for me that there is a Problem with a Symbol that is not known ... Maybe You should take a Look at the Path that is named.

Not at all.
You can run

sudo apt install --reinstall kodi

And this will reinstall the packages and inspect for dependencies without having to reconfigure Kodi user settings.


Yeah, had forgotten that. Thank you for the reminder, which I've also rediscovered on kodi wiki pages. Was compelled to uninstall and reinstall it. Works fine now. I'm through with my post upgrade problems now.

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