Problems at using Zorin on NVME!

Ohhhh ok, so its just some kind of length adapter then. The color of that thing would clash so hard with my computer if it was used.
Then again, I see those red thingies in my notebook, I wonder if those are anti-vibration orings below the screws or something?

Well i used it because the second slot was much longer, acer created it's own adapter for it for the cost of $40-50 dollars haha. Aliexpress thought we can do it for a few bucks.

Here are some screenshots from my custom made small adapter.

If you look closely at the second picture you see the 980 nvme, on top the second m2 with extension gets added.

To get a better view of how it look, this is a picture of my older nvme card + the extra m2 sata slot.

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Dude, I loved your pictures that you took, especially the last one. So thats cool to see that your notebook as two NVME slots too, yours does them stacked I see. Mine has two NVME slots too, but they are side to side of each other.

Thats neat what you did with the adapter, and yes I agree, about anyone can probably do the adapter for cheaper then Acer lol. I love your ingenuity, and trying out new things.

You seemed to have fully embraced the SSD life, which I love. I too have embraced SSD only these days, I will never go back to mechanical, I don't care about many TB of storage mechanical has, mechanical sucks.

Yes right, NVMe is getting used more and more.
At Desktops 2,5" Sata is still used - but newer boards are able to take more m.2 SSDs :slight_smile:

But in my case it seems, after this thread, i have to search the problems beside the NVMe.

Yes, you`re right - Windows is very comfortable here.

No, im not anymore - im playing Diablo 2 Ressurected right now - a bit red dead redemption 2... Cyberpunk 2077..

In addition, steam is working hard to bring games to work on Linux :>
Their new Handheld is based on Linux, so there could be a big rise on working steam-games :>

But after all you`re right, Windows is, right now, the better way for gamers.

I am a heavy gamer Tom, so I am running POP OS on my main gaming machine. Additionally, I have a Western Digital NVME drive that came with the notebook, and it works perfectly fine, never had an issue with it in POP OS.

Now we have been talking about issues with Samsung branded NVME drives, and so maybe most of the incompatibilities, revolve around Samsung drives?

And I am running Zorin OS on my older dual core notebook workstation computer. I don't do any gaming on it. I did used to game on Zorin OS though, but it was back on OS 12.4 that I was doing that.

Zorins took too long to release OS 16, and I wasn't going to install 15.3 just to be able to use a later kernel. My new computer is a 2021 machine, so I needed a new kernel, and POP OS supported newer kernels to be able to utilize my newer hardware.

Anyways, I guess when it comes to compatibility and what is not compatible, and what is compatible, I think its going to fall on us users at the end of the day right. Cause we have to do the research, Linux isn't going to magically do it for us lol.

You gotta find out what will work with what. Thats the whole reason I went with POP OS, cause OS 16 hadn't been released, and I knew that my new computer needed a newer kernel, otherwise I wouldn't be able to use my hardware, it be incompatible. Its really that simple.

And as far as NVME drives. I think what were learning here, is that Western Digital NVME drives are perhaps a better fit for Linux. Cause like I said, I am rocking one and I have no issues, not a single one!

Michels NVMe is an Samsung, but mine is an PNY CS3030. Also Tom is using the CS3030 with Zorin OS and it works perfectly.

That`s the reason why we are searching for the issue on my hardware^^

Yeah, would be great! As the steam-deck uses Linux, it should improve^^

Have you ever tried Epic-Games over Lutris?

Edit: we are far away from the Threads topic right now :smiley:

It has one nvme slot and one m2 sata slot. I made a mistake inthe past to put a nvme card upside down so it would fit l, results a dead nvme chip

It can be motherboard related. My bios is locked by acer.

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I`m 34, i know all of them :joy:


35 here :sunglasses:


@Michel @Fuchiii Well Kids I hate to admit but I'm nearly twice your age !! But I enjoy learning from and keeping with the times.... A Ole Dog can Learn New Tricks! Even at 61 :laughing:


Never forget Bubby-san

Sometimes its the student who teaches the teacher. :wink:


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