Problems downloading Zorin 16 Pro

It has truly been a sweet and sour experience. On the one hand I am very happy that, at last, the stable version has been released. I even purchased the paid version (Zorin 16 Pro).
However, I have not been able to download it. The download is very slow (400 kb, when it usually downloads at 10 mb). Moreover, when it was about to complete, it failed.
Can anyone give me any suggestions on this? I would be very grateful.

The servers are probably overloaded. You can try one of the mirror sites or wait a day or two.


How can I change mirror sites?
In Linux Mint the page gives you several options to do so, and you can even download via torrent, but here I can't think of it. Even the page, it seems, does not give options.
Thank you very much for replying.


I appreciate your help.
I have tried several servers but they all give me a low download speed (400 kb).
Perhaps what bothers the most is not so much how slow they are but that, when you are finishing the download, it tells you that it failed.
Anyway, we will have to be patient. I hope that tomorrow the servers will not be so saturated.

I just want to say I have been having the same issue. I'm on a gigabit fiber connection and tests how my connection is fine, but I'm on my third attempt to download Pro at barely 1 MB/s.

Would love some mirror options for Pro....

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Please see Marko's post above that contains a link to Official mirrors.

Additionally, Zorin OS Pro and Core were Officially released only a very short time ago. Within hours... It makes a lot of sense that the servers are inundated with eager downloaders trying to get their mitts on the Freshly released copy.


Yup. I've decided to wait until the weekend.

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I had the same problem trying to download but I installed XDM download manager and downloaded Zorin 16 Pro in 9 minutes flat. Think I'll keep that program . . .

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I tried xdm manager above, started fast but now says anywhere form 20 - 120 hours.
As this is the pro version, none of the mirrors will work as they are only mirroring the free version.
There is no upgrade path from the standard to pro, right?
Edit: removed a line i since discovered i was wrong about

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I was able to get it to download in 10 minutes when I connected via PIA vpn to Silicon Valley.
I noticed in my downloads, the iso is being pulled from different servers.
With vpn: sfo1
No vpn: sgp1
I don't want to include the full path in case it's not meant to be published.
Without fail, with no vpn, it would connect to sgp1and go slow.
I'm in Australia so unsure if it's geographical or what.

That's right. Pro requires a clean install.

you can try using a vpn when downloading.