Problems to setting the last started SO to be selected by default in GRUB

Hi, good evening. I set the Grub in Grub Customizer to show the last loaded OS for standard. But the setting does not work and an error message about sparse file is showed in the inicialing of Zorin.
I am using the Zorin OS 16 Core and the BTRFS. How do I do to repair this, maintaining the configuration to display the last loaded system selected for standard?

I cannot vouch for Grub Customizer app, but if you change




then it will load the last loaded OS. You must run sudo update-grub after saving changes to Grub File, and this may have been necessary after making the change in Grub Customizer, as well.

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If You allow I want to make a little Addition to Your Comment so that @renato_gundim can find Your Stuff.

@renato_gundim: Open the Terminal and type: sudo nano /etc/default/grub and then You can make the Changes that @Aravisian wrote for You.

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