Problems with dual boot

I recently tried to start with linux and I decided to go with linux mint and I really liked it, now I recently heard about Zorin and as I saw that it was also a good operating system for beginners I decided to give it a chance, but now that I tried to install it it doesn't detect me windows so the dualboot menu was not created for me. I also can't get into Zorin through the BIOS although I think this is more of a computer thing. So I don't know if anyone knows what I can do?
For now I think I return to Mint.

Linux Mint and Zorin OS both use the same Ubiquity Installer.
Have any BIOS or EFI Settings Been changed?
Or are you booting as MBR (Legacy)?

Is OS Prober now disabled in Zorin OS as they've done for Ubuntu due to a security concern? That'd explain it, as OS Prober discovers other bootable OS's.

I can't tell from my end, because I disabled it long ago, since I'm only booting Zorin OS.

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