Problems with new install - Zorin 16 Beta


I am new to Zorin is.

I tried to install latest beta, 16 but stuck on installation of grub.

Both manual and default way of installation.

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Don't know what to do anymore.

I have UEFI system, so I tried to use EFI partition also , 512 MB

Any suggestions please ? Thanks

I tried to redownload zip file. Check hash, all good, no errors.

Tried again new install , same issues

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After all , I booted in live cd, and went to boot repair options ( recommended )
after that, my os booted :slight_smile: dont know why, but it seems that beta 16 can not install grub :frowning:

So is this right template :
EFI partition 512 MB
Root partition 220 gb
Home partition 220 gb

What about swap partition ? Is it better to use on Zorin partition or swap file ?

I have 8 gb ram, which is shared with graphics card, so it is basically 6 gb ram

I have just edited the title of this thread to highlight that it is Zorin 16 Beta installation that is being attempted and may then feedback to the devs.

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Thanks.. it more understandable now :slight_smile:

@zabadabadoo Btw do you know mine above question ?
I searched forum and went through different manuals, and in every found different answer.

Grub can fix with grub fixer in live CD, but the rest I am not sure

You find different answers because there is no solid answer. It's more 'preference' than 'science.'
Swap File is fine, but it does not really replace RAM. I have tested this... and bought more RAM. Setting up a swap file is perfectly sufficient for swap. Some suggest that having swap at the beginning of a partition makes it faster, as it is easier and faster to access when at the beginning of a partition, rather than somewhere in the middle or the end where the HDD actuator needs to move to.
HDD's move pretty fast. A human wouldn't notice the milliseconds.


Is it still true that one needs a separate SWAP partition to allow the system to hibernate? Or is a swap file enough just like in Windows?

Obviously there are good reasons why Ubuntu switched from using a partition to using a swap file.

Do you have another operating system on your storage device? Was there an EFI partition present already? Would you be able to provide a picture of your drive partitions?

Looks to me like @marko94 is installing on physical hardware, on a NVMe storage device. In that case it doesn’t make any difference where the SWAP partition is. I would just let the installer decide how to configure the drive, aside from the separate home partition of course.

Very good point. I had not considered that.
As far as I know, yes- swap file on a separate partition is necessary if the user wants to use Hibernate.
May be easier on most to just use Suspend, instead.

I had Manjaro installed before. Same partition layout as I wanted to do with Zorin.
I have SSD also.And EFI partition.

Funny thing, after last installation of Zorin, I had grub failure. Grub fix solve it. And after that I tried clean flash again, but now fully successful, no errors at all.

Also have swap file, by default it was 2 gb, I set it now to 6 gb :slight_smile:

To the best of my knowledge, a swap partition needs to be the same size as physical RAM to allow for hibernation. If hibernation is not a needed feature, it can be smaller.

As far as using a swap file, there's no need to set it to a specific size. The file is dynamic so it will increase or decrease in size as needed.

I believe some of the reasons Ubuntu switched to using swap files was to A) maximize drive space by eliminating swap partitions, and B) preventing a system halt when a swap partition, which can not be dynamically adjusted, ran out of space.