Problems with OBS

The app works, the problem is "how". When I record the screen and then save the recording, I can't see the recording because I see what it is in the picture. What can I do? I really need the app to work well

Hi, Have you tried a different video player like mpv or vlc. I always had issues with Parole.

If that doesn't fix it, I think your best bet is asking Linux Support | OBS Forums for support. Make sure to upload the log file for the devs to take a look at. It's at the top of obs under Help>Log Files> Upload Current Log then copy the url and paste it in the forum post.

There are developers and mods that probably seen this issue before many times and help in those forums. I tried looking it up for you, but I need more info like what hardware are you using to record the video and what are your recording settings.

I hope you find a fix there! Let me know if you need anything else!


I just gave OBS a go, and my recording was working fine (i captured my desktop, nothing fancy)

What settings were you using for the recording?


  1. What does this video look like on other devices, like a Phone?
  2. are you using OBS from Flathub?
    if no, I highly recommend doing so, as that release is officially supported by the OBS team.

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