Product repairability and soldering

i suspect @Aravision is more at home with welding and hitting things with BIG hammers than the fine art of precision soldering. But he could prove me wrong. :wink:

I was lucky enough to be taught how to precision solder components on PCB's, in a test equipment calibration and repair lab, as part of first job career training programme. In those days Oscilloscopes were CRT. Boy did I get some serious electric shocks working on them. :star_struck:

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I forgot - he is repairing T-Bird, not Tesla.

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That is where Kapton tape comes in handy.
I've learnt this trick from the precision solder legend Louis Rossmann:

He is my inspiration :star_struck:

You would be surprised what some classic car owners want. There's a lot of Arduino use, for hiding modern functions to keep the restored classic car looking pristine.
CD changers, additional lighting, sound effects...

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Ah, great.
Now I know who to ask my next soldering question :grinning: