Program shows up in start menu but not Main-Menu or Software app

I've installed's app at some point in the past. When I search Itch in my start menu, it appears and I can click on that and launch it. However it doesn't show up in "Main Menu" as an application shortcut (I wanted to see if it was launching with sudo permissions or not to troubleshoot something).

It also doesn't show up in the "Software" app. In fact if I right click Itch in the start menu and Show Details, it goes to the Software page for itch that offers an Install button. I can then install it, again, and have it installed twice. One accessed from the start menu shortcut and the other from Software (there is still only one start-menu shortcut). And I know they're somehow seperate because one remembers my login and the other is fresh.

How can I find details on that first installation/shortcut? And how can I uninstall it?

It sounds as though you installed it by a means other than APT, then installed it again from Software as APT.

In Zorin OS "Main Menu" is the name of the menulibre application. Can you clarify what you mean by "Main Menu" and what differentiates it from the Zorin App Menu?

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It is possible to run an application by extracting it from a tarball and running the 'executable' (.bin in GNU/Linux). For example, I can run Tor Browser by extracting its tarball in Downloads, as I can with Firefox ESR. Once you know where the .bin file is (it might just be an icon with underneath it. If you click on that and it launches, a work around is to open up Main Menu in System Tools, create an entry where you want to appear and name it accordinigly. Then edit this new entry and when it opens, in the 'Command:' box, use the browse button to find the .bin file - the path will then mean it can be launched from the Zorin menu. Also, once you have done this you will be able to add it to the Dash permanently if you so desire.

Do you see a drop-down menu in software where it says install / uninstall? That will hold other sources, like apt, snap, or flatpak. It could be either three though.

You can check apt with apt list --installed | grep itch, snap with snap list, and flatpak with flatpak list. Snap and flat should be a relatively smaller listing vs apt - that's the main source for most all packages in the system. I use all three types but, apt mostly; if I can.

With apt, use sudo apt purge <app name> and then sudo apt autoremove to remove residual files and dependencies (usually not needed). Flat and snap are a little easier, just flatpak remove <app name> and snap remove <app name>.

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