Programs do not run 😐

I just suspended it, came back and turned it on and nothing opened for me

I restarted it and an initramsf error appeared, I fixed it, turned it off and opened my user

I went to open a program and they no longer open, only some

for example my emulators, java games do not work but the rest like nautilus, libreoficce chrome and software center if it works

PS: something I have done to the system was update the Mesa driver

Does apt still work in terminal?

What was the fix?

1- Yes, APT still works

2- use the command fsck -c -y / dev / sda5

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I wonder if some of the information needed to run the emulator apps was contained within bad blocks.

let me see if installing them again repairs

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no, no repairs

Is this an HDD or an SSD?
Can you open Disks from the app menu. Click the menu button on the upper right side, and then select SMART Data and Self-Test
Last option listed: Overall Assessment: What status is the disk- how many bad sectors?

is an SDD

I opened Disks and it says "correct disk - 2 bad sectors"

Honestly... If this was me...
I would back up all personal data and do a full reinstall.

What we have is a lot of Unknown on this one... If several certain software that you are aware of are now damaged- and reinstalling is no help- there may be Bigger Issues you have not seen.
It's better to have a clean start- with the warning you have now- than a catastrophe later.

You may also look into a new SSD. I do not know how old this one is and only 2 bad sectors is not really anything to fret about... But just to put the note in your future plans...

is there any way to mark those sectors as unusable?

This is done automatically by the system after repair has been done - which you did earlier.
Even so, if programs are not working- you do not know what else is damaged and may not be working. It is not worth the risk.

How do I repair?

is it from disk manager?

I am sorry, I was unclear. You did this earlier:

Ok I'm going to install Zorin again :rofl:, it is much longer on this laptop due to the PCI problems but it is worth it

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I feel your pain. If I had any confidence it was safe to not re-install, I would be all for it.

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