Proprietary nvidia drivers not working

Hi I just installed Zorin OS 15.3 today and I'm having issues with the nvidia drivers. When I first booted off the install usb, I chose the modern nvidia driver option. During the live boot before i installed it. The nvidia drivers were working flawlessly. Opening the nvidia x server settings worked fine and i had full resolution on all of my displays. After installing the os only one display works and I'm stuck at 1024 x 768 and the nvidia x server settings window is just blank with just a help and quit button. Changing to another version of the driver does not solve this issue.

Could you please add this Graphics drivers repo and then perform an upgrade and see if it helps you?

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/updates

sudo apt update

sudo apt full-upgrade


This fixed it!
Thank you so much.

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