PSA: Check Your HDMI Cables!

Some people in here have talked about how they are having display issues. With all this new information about the reality of these cables, I think more people should be concerned about the quality of their cables.

A cable can either make, or break, your computer experience, so it does matter. So what is the lesson, check those cables. Its cheap enough to try another cable. Most of us won't be spending 1000 dollars on cables though, will leave that up to the multi-millionaire Linus. lol.


So true although I only use HDMI cables on my TV ... TV Box and router .... I have had my share of these cables going south quite a few times in the past .... from broken plastic retainer clips (don't know it's exact name) to out right failure of the cable itself BUT as I very seldom plug in or remove these cables any more I don't buy the most expensive ... just my thoughts ...

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