Purchased Zorin some time ago

Being newer to using Linux as a desktop and trying a few distros I purchased Zorin back during version 15. I installed it on my Mac Book and used it for a while with success. I ended up re-installing Mac OS on the laptop because I needed to use some software I purchased and apple features. Time went on and I'm not fond of Mac so came back to Zorin / Linux and finding the right distro to use for a new dev laptop I have. Happy to say Zorin wins almost in all categories compared to other Linux's. It just doesn't start to flake out , everything works great - the only major modification I made is upgrading the kernel version to the newest 6 using ubuntu mainline- not sure what if anything will break but everything is working as advertised.

Any other Distro I've installed and tested for my purposes was either missing some basic features, something didn't work or it started to crash at some point.

I have to say the UI, especially coming from Apple, is absolutely great - especially that it maintains the desktop feel. I've tried a few gnome 4 distro's and KDE and they are pretty neat but they do not have the same feel as Zorin. Keep it up, looking forward to running Zorin into version 17.


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