Quale sono i comandi per pulire zorin os 17 compresi i vecchi kernel?

sudo purge-old-kernels non viene riconosciuto

What are the commands to clean zorin os 17 including old kernels?
sudo purge-old-kernels is not recognized

Have you tried

sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove

when autoremove asks you to confirm Y/N, do take time to check what it proposes to remove before hitting the "Y" key.

Shouldn't older Kernels deleted by default? When I see that right the current Kernel and the Version before is saved. But the Versions before that not. Or am I wrong with that?

Software Updater seems to clean out oldest kernels on Z16 (and assume Z17), but I had to clean them out manually on Z15 in the past.

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I didn't had Zorin 15, so I can't speak for this. But if I saw that right: When a new Kernel Update comes there stands in the Installation that an older Kernel will be deleted. Or I missunderstand that.

After Software Updater does a kernel update, it then sets up to remove the oldest kernel.

No misunderstanding. We are saying the same thing. :+1:

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Grazie a tutti per la vs cortesia e disponibilità