Question about GParted & Timeshift

I'm trying to set up Timeshift and noticed that my partitions need to be reorganized a bit .... in the photo below you will see that the first partition is marked as My Passport and has appx. 131 GB unused space I want to:

  1. Take 100 GB and move it from Partition 1 to partition 2 .... Timeshare says I don't have enough space on partition 2

  2. Change the Label in partition 2 from Dej Dup to Timeshare ..... I can change the name but not the label and the icon on my desktop for the partition for some reason is given as Dej Dup

In order to do this, you would need to wipe that partition. Do you have a way of backing up all data on the My Passport partition?

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I was afraid of that but let me look at another 1 TB Passport I have that isn't full yet and see what I can do .... thanks ..... this is a job for tomorrow ..... :roll_eyes:

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