Question about notifications

Maybe not the right place can't see an alternative, please redirect if I am lost.
Once, maybe a year or more back, did I dream that when a question was raised and a reply or comment posted, OP would receive a notification email informing them of such.
Have checked my settings:


You will receive notifications because you created this topic.

Yet I am not. So what am I missing here guys please?

Notifications show up on the Forum Website, showing a number next to your Avatar on the Upper Right of the screen.
In your Preferences > emails you can set up to receive Email Alerts.

Hello, thx, I had checked tht, it was set to "only when away" which I thought would be fine since I am mostly away! Have changed it to always - see what happens.

Sorry mate, have not had time to go back to the "updater server" issue or Zorin16 China mirror we were discussing before.

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In the unlikely event there is anyone as foolish as me with this issue, and, after following @Aravisian's hint above still can not solve it: go down one more click to "NOTIFICATIONS."

You may very well find this is set to DISABLE, with a note to check your browsers for the "Do Not Disturb" mode. Once you add this site to "allowed" list in your browser's DND option you can then enable to send notifications option.

Hope this helps someone from spending days fiddling with the email settings to no avail. :woozy_face:


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