Question about Zorin OS 16 Pro

Is the only difference in zorin os 16 pro and core is of appearance or anything else also??

The differences between Zorin OS Pro and Zorin OS Free include:

  • Installation support on Zorin OS Pro from ZorinGroup.
  • Inclusion of a large variety of apps (These apps are free and can be installed on Core), which saves the user hassle of installing and debugging them and introduces them to new products.
  • Inclusion of additional appearance layouts.
  • Supporting development. ZorinGroup develops Zorin OS and other Zorin Products Full-time. This is not a side job for them. Supporting development allows them to devout more time, more availability to the Zorin Group products. This benefits everyone.
    If you like using Zorin OS, then supporting development is a great way to ensure your ability to continue using it, far into the future.

Important to note:

  • Zorin OS Pro does not unlock features that Core could offer, but locks. It is not "pay-to-win."
  • Zorin OS Pro does not include proprietary software that makes purchase necessary.
  • Zorin OS Free and Zorin OS Pro do not include spyware, data collection, advertisements or other money making gimmicks. Nor does the website or the forum. Both are very clean. ZorinGroup covers for and pays for this Forum we all use.

So to answer your question: Is it the only difference?
No. But it is the most tangible one.
If anyone has expectations of a major thrill ride with Pro or that Pro contains amazing Unlocked Content or Proprietary software that you cannot otherwise get, then they are liable to be disappointed, not by Pro, but by themselves.


Ok so can you just tell me the name of apps?

Certainly; courtesy of @Storm:

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Thank you

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