Question: Browser and Youtube ads

Isn't watching Youtube as good as jumping into Google's pocket? There is no point in closing a gate without walls.

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I use the following extention with Firefox with great success.I also have FreeTube installed.

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The only warning I've gotten was on Brave. I use Chrome with Adguard Adblocker (very good) and MalwareBytes browser guard (also very good).

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I use FreeTube too. :+1:

Can I use FreeTube with my Google/YT account and have my subscriptions/History etc loaded up?

It looks like uBlock team is on top of the situation so far.
I used Adblock Plus ext. but turned it off.

No, but you can import subscriptions from YouTube.

I don't login. I use the history feature to save videos I want to go back to if I don't finish or to see them again.

I checked the Adblocker for Youtube by Adblock Lite and after I read it could "access your data for all websites" and went further into what it said I ran as fast as I could.
-It can alter or remove bookmarks
-it can read the data you enter into any website
-it could clear any or all of history, local storage, downloads.

Adblockers manipulate the page. They remove links, images, placeholders and other ad related materials in order to show you the page without those things. It will remove any pages cached (on your hard drive), downloaded pages and open pages with the ads, replacing them.

This also occurs with dark reader, which adds css to a page you view to make the background dark and the text light.....They are common functions in order for the extension to work.

It will accept the data you input, and pass it to the original page, as a POST, as if you had typed it into the page directly. Remember, though, that it is acting as an intermediary so you don't have to see the ads.

If you are concerned how your data is used, if it is used, read their privacy policy and if they collect any information. If I remember correctly, AdBlock does not collect any information, the permissions/functions it performs is so the extension can provide the desired functionality of removing ads.

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