Questions about OS upgrade paths

Questions about OS upgrade paths ...

OK. So I have a few questions. First, I've already seen the articles re: Zorin OS Pro.

For example: Upcoming Versions of Zorin OS Pro - Zorin Help

But I still have a few questions. Kindly read on, please ...

  1. Suppose I buy Zorin OS 17 Pro from the outset and I install the "Pro" ISO on my desktop.

Now, again, suppose Zorin OS 18 comes out, and I don't want to go "pro." What happens then?

Will the update center in Zorin OS still offer me Zorin OS 18 (the non-pro version) ... ?

  1. Suppose I go with Zorin OS 17 Pro. Then Zorin OS 18 Pro comes out. How do I upgrade?

Do I buy a key for Zorin OS 18 Pro, then install that on top of Zorin OS 17 Pro using an ISO?

(But wouldn't that erase my hard drive and force me to start all over again?)

Or is there a way for me to do an in-place upgrade using the update center without losing my data?

I hope I've explained myself clearly. Before I do anything, I'd just like all this clarified. Thanks.

When you purchase Zorin Pro, whatever version number it is (the major version ex: 16 or 17) you are purchasing that specific version and are given all updates for that version, including subversions (16.2, 16.3). When a new release is offered (Zorin 18), you will have to again purchase the Pro license if you wish to support development and use the Pro version.

Once the decision is made to use the free or Pro versions, at release, the only method to install is a fresh install. This means wiping the drive and installing the new OS. You are supposed to backup any data you want in order to transfer it if you want.

The Upgrader tool will be available a few weeks after release. So you can wait for this if you so choose. Again, this doesn't mean you don't have to backup your data. Any time you make major changes to your computer, you should, prior to making that change. There is still a possibility of data loss on any major upgrade, hardware and software alike.

While the Upgrader option is not currently available, if you watch the official blog and the forum, you will learn of its release when it occurs.

To be clear, right now, the only way to get 17 pro, while on 16 Pro, is to purchase it. The installation will require a complete reinstall, as of this post. The upgrader option will be available in the near future, watch the blog and the forum for the announcement.


OK. Supposing I'm willing to wait for the "upgrader" option in any case. What happens then? Can I upgrade from Zorin 17 Pro to Zorin 18 Pro, and if so, how?

18 is currently in development. If you decide, closer to it's release, to purchase 18, you will be able to upgrade in the tool when the devs announce that option's availability.

In Zorin 17, core or Pro, you can open system settings -> about button on the left, near the bottom -> scroll to the bottom of the window on the right and you will see the upgrade button. This will open Upgrader and provide you with any available options. If you are on core (free) version, you will be given Pro option. When released, will offer 18 option and 18 Pro option.

In Zorin 16 you will have to open the app menu (z) -> scroll to system tools -> scroll to Upgrade Zorin OS. This will give you the options to upgrade to 17, when it becomes available.

As of right now, Zorin 17 was just released today. Speaking of 18 is around two years early. If you are on Zorin 16, the options for Zorin 17 direct upgrade will be released in the next few weeks. Stay tuned to the blog and forum for announcements.


This will open Upgrader and provide you with any available options. If you are on core (free) version, you will be given Pro option. When released, will offer 18 option and 18 Pro option.

Thanks; this is the information I needed to know. Thank you again.

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