Questions/issues regarding VMM and KDE on Zorin


I just started using Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) on my main laptop (so that my laptop doesn't get messed up in case something goes wrong). However, I have some questions/issues regarding that program and the KDE Plasma DE I installed on that VM.

Regarding VMM:

  • How do I modify the VRAM on a VM?

Regarding Plasma:

  • For some reason, the resolution changes back to the original resolution (4:3) when I change it to 16:9. How can I fix this?

  • Is there a way I change the taskbar behaviour? (Like make it look like the taskbar in the default Zorin DE (What's that called?)). For some reason it installed a taskbar that resembles XP.

  • How can I upgrade the DE (if I wanted to)? I know that it requires some kind of third party repository but I don't know what though.


Sorry, I don't use VMM so wouldn't be able to answer that. I use Virtual Box and with Guest Additions this problem is solved for me. Someone who uses that would be in a better position to tell you how to fix it.

Your chosen theme is what determines the look of the taskbar, however with KDE you can do either Global Theme or change each individual part, it's in your settings. You're also free to download additional themes and install them.

This is what gets people into trouble here..... constantly and repeatedly.

You can not just "update" or "upgrade" the software regardless of what ppa you use to do it. Like any other software KDE is designed to work with specific things, if you install the latest version it may very well break your install.

Furthermore, though you can run KDE on Zorin, Zorin however was not designed from the very beginning to work with KDE it was designed for Gnome.

If you want the latest and greatest from KDE, I highly suggest you install a distro made for it from the beginning like KDE Neon.

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When you point to an .iso in virt manager it automatically defaults to 1024 Mb (1 Gb) - change this to any size you like provided that it does not exceed half of your installed RAM. I have only had the 4:3 issue with Zorin 16, no other distribution, at login screen. Once logged in no issues. I don't use Zorin anymore apart from in Virt Manager, that said I haven't use a computer in last 2 months.

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