Quick suggestion for ease of use from a new user

As a new user of Zorin OS, I have to say I love that you guys are trying to make Linux more accessible to the masses, with the level of spit and polish and ease of use one would expect from a modern operating system.
I’ve long believed that Linux’s greatest weakness as an OS was its barrier for entry for the mainstream populace, who doesn’t want to tinker under the hood of their operating system. They don’t want to know how and why the engine works or have to remember a multi-step process to get the engine to work, they just want to turn the key and have it work. And I believe Zorin OS is a big step in that direction.
Now, as far as my suggestion, I have little knowledge of the inner workings of Linux, so I don’t know how complex or impossible this task may be. However, I believe a huge benefit to Zorin would be to mount detected hard drives automatically. In my laptop, which I wanted to turn into a Linux machine, I have a small(ish) SSD for the OS and a 1 TB HDD that I use for storage and for a small library of Steam games and backups. In Windows, both hard drives are detected and ready to use upon startup. In Zorin, I have to go through several steps that the vast majority of people would feel uncomfortable doing, to get this drive to auto mount each startup. Is that something that can be done within the OS or is there some sort of limitation in the code that prevents it? It would be hugely beneficial to the types of users Zorin is looking to attract with this operating system by having these drives ready to go without any user input or configuration changes.
Or, who knows, maybe there is a super easy way to do this that I simply missed in my Internet searching.