R9 390 flash to R9 390 GPU?

What version bios installing and it is good idea flashing to never version ?

I used to do such things back in the early 2000's.
I think I was younger and reckless.
As I do not need any GPU power in my workflow, I do not bother with it any more.

It's a big risk too, last time i checked it was for my older ATI Radeon HD 4870 card. There was a site that uploaded all the bios files but did not state from which vendor. So if you have a asus card and would flash it with a msi bios you could brick your gpu. This because 1 vendor had higher clockspeeds or different voltage then the other one.

I never flashed a gpu bios, did some research on it and moved away from it. It's not worth it.

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I flashed but with originally. Why? I heard some inside gpu can put a software what working like a bitcoin. Next because with artefacts but now is cold like on North pole.

Marked solution. 64

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