RAID mount at startup?

My Zorin-16 boot drive is an NVMe M.2 drive, but I also have a RAID-0 array made up of two 2.5in SSDs for media storage. However, when I boot up the computer I must manually mount the RAID array in DISKS every time. Is there a simple way to auto-mount it at start-up? The Start Up menu will open DISKS on boot, but not specifically mount the RAID array. I am not a skilled programming geek so I need a dummy solution to this minor irritation.

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This post has good visuals that I think will help:

If this does not work, we can try using the terminal to add an fstab entry. It looks scary, but I assure you is quite easy (and good practice for building confidence).


It Worked! it was so easy I feel like an idiot now for having to ask for help. THANKS.

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