Random freezes ( Happening too frequently )

Hello, I am using Zorin 16 Pro on my HP 250 G7 laptop, the issue that I am facing is that while doing any work it just freezes suddenly, cursor and keyboard stops working, the only thing I can do to fix that is either put it to sleep through power button or do a reboot.

the weird thing is that it doesn't happen if any kind of media is running in background or if I am watching videos, but if I am not, it sometimes gets stuck.
I am dealing with this issue by always playing a 100 hour long muted video in another tab and then doing my work

I had faced this issue in zorin 15.3 Lite aswell but even after I clean installed zorin 16 pro, its same but now it happens more frequently

My specs are -
10th Gen i3
4gb ram
512gb NvME ssd
Intel UHD 620 integrated graphics

My wife’s pc gets that too (6 gigs of RAM). I put it down to her mobo - the only Asus one that has given me headaches even when I had her on Windows.
I have a few random freezes on my other machines but I also found that these tend to happen more with Gnome than XFCE. FWIW, my daily driver also has 4 gigs of RAM and that barely has any freezes on Gnome or XFCE.
Worthy a try to see if XFCE fares any better in your machine.

Other than that, post the output of inxi -t cm - that may show what is high usage.


Agreed that on those specs, I would steer heavily toward Zorin OS Lite, too.

You might monitor the computer temps and see if there is any overheating.

I had same issue-- turned out to be the POWER SUPPLY getting weak. This was the FIRST sign- and as it got weaker- usb ports would work sometime, other times video issues-- thought the whole board was going bad. DO diagnostics and if all passes- replace the power supply-- if it IS going bad- it will mess up other parts of your machine..

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