Randomly skipping "a" key press detection (Razer blackwidow)

Well.. weird bug that is hard to reproduce, but annoying enough to where I want to see if anyone hs had a similar issue. (Notice the hs, wanted to type has, but it skipped over it..)
Rough calculation, occurs 16% of "a" key presses.

Before you blme the gmer snake brand, I dual boot windows. Have never hd an issue with it.

Kept all of the missed a presses on this post. For context..

Let me know if you ever had an issue with this, maybe the sensitivity of the switches needs to be configured for zorin better? Usully, when it skips an a press, I have to really press it down hard for it to come up.

This has been going on for 4+ months, w/ multiple restarts nd a lot of spellcheck.


First of all, you can have a graphical feedback of inputs on Settings > Region and Language > click the eye button on your input method > test A key with different pressing intervals and holding times. Then, you can verify if on Accessibility > Typing Assistant (AccessX) you enable Slow Keys feature. Personally I have a similar issue but doesn't look a hardware problem, it's just that I don't press my keyboard keys enough in the middle to make the computer detect them. Also, time, usage and dust may have damaged or shifted keys a bit. Remember, don't smash them when playing or typing, just to avoid damage caused by you.

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