[Rant] It should be beaten by an ugly stick

Why in h... is it with all these Mac wannabees themes on Pling? Why would people set up to be a clone of MAC? If you want it to be a Mac, buy Mac instead of pretending something it isn't. My personal opinion is that Mac themes a god-damn ugly - There I said it! I said it. You can now chase me with pitchfork and torches. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll join your mob in the hope that the other mob isn’t larger. I only have to outrun you if they chase us.

If Linux and Windows vanished from the world I’d stop using computers. (Yes, I admit that without Linux I’d consider going back to Windows). I can’t live with a computer that looks like my phone (it’s a company phone, so I can’t be held responsible for using an iPhone).


I honestly do not see this as much different from magazines pushing the standard of beauty that we are supposed to have, rather than recognizing the ones we carry naturally.
What people will enjoy aesthetically is heavily varied. In reality, it becomes exceptionally difficult to categorize and label personal taste. Which, I think... Is a great thing. Diversity is beneficial.

At least in magazines, even a disagreeable standard of beauty still is pleasant and does not burn your eyes any.

Mac themes... Not my thing. I'm glad that they are there for those that like them.
Like a Windowsy-look on Zorin OS, it may add a layer of familiarity to a user switching to Linux.
Why there are so many...
Another thing I prefer to avoid: Trending. What is claimed to be trending often has far more to do with what someone else wants to push, than what people actually want. I avoid suggestions of what is trending and being a follower... and if the available themes do not suit me... I make my own that does.


Count me in on agreeing with you, I don't like the Mac theme's either. I don't get it, even a little bit. Personally I find it to be a convoluted cluttered mess.

So you hate MS, but turn your machine into a Mac.. :thinking:

And most of the people complaining that the themes look too much like Windows, don't realize it was years ago that Windows ripped their theme from KDE. So in actuality the themes you see are KDE not Windows.


I know what Mac & Windows look like and have looked like , but have no clear idea what Linux looks like. :smiley: :face_with_monocle:


Anything than MAC & Windows :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
On a serious note people can do whatever the please, but the lack of people imagination when setting up their desktop sometimes astonishing me.

I think I do... but this is due to me being a themer... I have often needed to compare the differences.
That being said, it makes a lot of sense that all three would look like each other and all three would try to play off of each others ideas.
I have long held firm that users should not judge the functionality of an OS based on its First Impression Appearance - as that can be highly misleading.
It does not matter what the graphics look like; what matters is how well it works, with workflow and user efficiency, being able to go right to the tool you need and use it without searching or effectively switch from one task to another.

What is great about Linux is that once you sort that out, you can customize the appearance quite a lot. Usually, anyway...

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