Re-install Zorin OS 16

I had to re-install my zorin 16 due to corrupt grub. I have backups of both timeshift and Backups. Which should i install first? is it possible to get my system back to where it was before corrupt grub?

Have you tried Grub Cutomizer from the app store

But if you have re-installed the system, how do you intend to go back before the corrupt grub. It's already overridden. The only way, is to restore from the backup, or am I wrong.

Timeshift takes a more complete "snapshot" of your system than backup (deja dup). I recommend using timeshift to restore. If the backups are recent i would go back to a time before you noticed it.

What were you doing to corrupt the efi? Did you run fdisk or disks to scan the drive and trim for bad sectors? Were you resizing partitions?


Marked solution. 99

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