Read data from my hd (zorin lite)


My laptop's hard drive had a initframs problem. Now it can't boot anymore.
I booted with a zorin pen drive but the hard disk is not recognized. How to recover data from this disk?

Thanks in advance

See if this guide can get you back up and running:

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Thanks for your reply but the screen is froozen.

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Are you able to access the disk at all? What about accessing it just to back up your personal data?

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No. I cant access the hd.

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Gday @jccintr , Welcome to the community!

First< can you think of anything that has caused this issue? ( like bios changes/update, power outage/etc )
Could you also tell us about your laptop ( spec's/make-model/age)

Are you able to type 'exit' in the busybox(initramfs) & take a photo of the error's?
If so please show the result here.

Keep us informed.

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Not even by plugging it into a different machine?

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