Reboot No Matter What™

If your machine's locked up for some reason and you need to reboot it:
 Alt  +  Super  +  Print Screen 

Don't freak out, it immediately dumps out of Linux. There is no shutdown, it just blanks the screen and restarts the machine. This is one of the SysRq Command Keys aka 'Linux Magic System Request Key Hacks' (which I learned after accidentally finding that key combination and what it does).


This can come in handy once Skynet takes over and tries to turn on us :joy:

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Hummmm .... tried this on my Asus LT and it did nothing .... does your computer have to be locked up or should it work even if it isn't ..... my LT never locks up .... :thinking:

I just force it to shut down and restart by holding down the power button then pressing it again.
here are some keyboard tips.

Er, what is Skynet?

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Oh right. AI basically.

Man that skynet joke was funny because I actually wasted time watching the series and it had such a bad ending... Almost made me depressed.

Thank you for posting the shortcuts. I actually operated my whole windows system with shortcuts as I can do it a lot faster than with a mouse. Only shortcut I know on Zorin is window + E :grin:

I wonder how people would react if we could show people in 1984 after watching this movie how AI has evolved, just a few YT videos of those robots doing parkour and chatGPT :smiley:

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