Recent boot problem

I don't know what changed on my laptop. I keep the software and system files up to date.
Zorin Pro 16.3
Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming3 15ACH6 16GB / AMD® Ryzen 5 5600h

Here is what happens on boot:
Grub menu: When selecting Zorin I see the logo, then see ZORIN spelled out then nothing further. Freeze.

Here is what I've tried:
If I select 'Advanced Options for Zorin' then 'Zorin, with Linux 5.15.0-87-generic (recovery mode)' then when presented with dialog popup if I select 'Resume' then Zorin launches.
I've booted from USB and selected Try Zorin so I could then select 'Repair GRUB'. . After performing the file copies and many lines in terminal I told there was an error: "No grub*.efi generated for Zorin 16.3" and instructions to report it to a email address on
I've launched into recovery mode and ran GRUB Customizer, then with no changes selected 'Save' and 'Install to MBR'.

Suggestions welcomed.

the text displays a bit too fast to read and write down much.... the constant for most appears to be 'cleaning journal.... then a filepath' that repeats hundreds of times then it boots normally. I've tried a second time without pressing {ESC} and boot fails. On retry with {ESC}, same scrolling text but it simply says 'clean' with a filepath many times, and system boots.
Is there keystroke to pause the scrolling?

There's no keystroke to pause the scrolling (it displays the boot process in real-time), but I remember there being ways to read that after having booted

...just don't ask me, I really don't remember the command to do so

Have you tried booting into grub menu, selecting Advanced Options for Zorin, then selecting an earlier kernel (not Recovery) and booting from it?

Ohh yeah, lots of text displayed.

If you can get into the Advanced Options and drop to a root shell, you can use cat /var/log/boot.log to see what's happening during boot.

I did with the same result... FREEZE

I repeated the {ESC} on boot and was again successful but it took two attempts. Fortunately the scroll stopped when it froze and here is what was showing:

**FAILED**: Failed to start Detect the available GPUs and deal with any system changes. See 'systemctl' status gpu-manager.service for details

I suspect my problems are related to my graphics. This laptop has AMD APU and Nvidia RX1650. I would appreciate help and advice how to modify the graphics drivers in use or what other things could be helpful. I remember some dialog box where the 3rd party graphics drivers were selected but I don't recall how to access it.

Most likely it is Software & Updates on the Additional drivers tab.
What Driver is selected there for your Nvidia GPU?

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This device is using the recommended driver.
-NVIDIA driver (open kernel) metapackage from nvidia-driver-535-server-open (proprietary, tested)

Do you suppose I should just try each of these?
-NVIDIA driver (open kernel) metapackage from nvidia-driver-535-server-open (proprietary)
-NVIDIA driver metapackage from nvidia-driver-535-server-open (proprietary)
-NVIDIA Server Driver metapackage from nvidia-driver-535-server (proprietary)
or switch to one of the 525 or maybe 470's ?

That's the one I'm using with my MX450 - the (open kernel) ones always gave me grief; the ones marked proprietary are much better and stable (that I've experienced).
Screenshot from 2023-10-27 15-12-07

You could try the 470, it's probably the safest out of the group; other than the Noveau ones - 470 was default after install for me, not even the Noveau one was being used.

Definitely suggest the proprietary drivers for Nvidia cards :+1:

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YAY \o/

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Woot woot!

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