Recommend a browser

i noticed brave and minbrowser not be considered compatible browser for google services accounts, so to sign in youtube,gmail , he sends u code in phone, to verify the identity. and when u use it, u get signing in, and every time u open the browser to sign in google account ask u the same operation

Sure glad I don't have any Google accounts ......


Cheers to that!

And as for the password issue, you may want to consider using a password manager as to avoid having to open a whole other browser just for that. KeePassXC is great if you like to keep things offline. Bitwarden is a pretty good option with online syncing.

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Don't think it is really a password problem ..... Brave will not even open the bank website to allow me to put in my password .......

Hummmm .... come to think of it maybe the bank will not except my Brave Browser so it may not be Brave after all ..... I had a problem years ago where certain banks would tell you which browser to use to open their websites .....

For me, choosing a browser is a headache. In the past, web browsers only needed to display HTML and run some Javascript, so they could be developed with limited resources. In those days, we could find our preferred browser from a large number of choices.

Today's web browsers have become a platform for web apps, and they continue to bloat. If this is the result of the Web Standardization that was once advocated, it seems that someone has hijacked that philosophy. Now even features that are difficult to implement in open source, such as DRM, have been standardized.

I don't believe the current situation can be explained solely Big Tech ambitions. I guess lazy people who want to do everything with just a browser have allowed it. Wouldn't it be unfortunate if we had to choose between the Big Browser and the Brave New World?


Yeah, that is an unfortunate trend in the modern web. There's really no justification for this, as those "incompatibilities" are introduced artificially (in most cases, anyway).
Changing the user agent string does a pretty good job most of the time but it's tedious to do for all browsers constantly. I only know how to change the user agent in Firefox, using an extension called Chameleon.

Like @Hackgets alluded to, I also think big corporations are taking over the web for their own profit. In this regard, Google is by far the company with the most control over the consumer choice. This makes it fair game for smaller companies too, albeit with less ambitious goals: supporting one browser is easier than two, therefore it's cheaper and thus more profitable.

Personally, I really dislike how now all personal websites point to a myriad of social media profiles and nothing else. I immediately leave those sites. I'd much rather spend the time reading an article that someone wrote for no other reason than their own interest.


Internet Explorer 1.0, or alternatively AOL. /s

Be sure to set your system downgrader to "Automatic. :wink: