Recommend a laptop


I am new to Zorin (and Linux in general) and loving it so far. I currently have an old HP fourth gen Intel i3 laptop, which is certainly not the best laptop to enjoy Zorin.

I was wondering if a AMD 4500U would work better than any Intel equivalent? I’m looking for a laptop no more than a £650. 8GB memory and 256GB SDD would be fine. I’m also looking for a laptop which has a good colour gamut and brightness level as I do a bit of blogging, gaming and image editing.

Thanks in advance.

I am running an AMD 4500M With Zorin 15 (ish) installed, running Cinnamon D.E. I do not do much gaming but I do a LOT of image editing. I have 8gigs RAM, which is honestly not enough… so it is supplemented with another 8 gig of Swap.

I cannot say if it is Better than i3… But it performs quite well - well enough that I have not noticed bogging down or slow downs.
I can only bog it down if I have a whole lot of Firefox tabs open, videos, Audacious running in the background and twenty gimp windows slathered across two monitors while simultaneously replacing active files and updating the cache as I go (Which I am well aware I am not supposed to do…)


Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been told the 4500U handles the battery better than a 10th gen i5 210 processor laptop. I’m going to wait until AMD’s next announcement on 12th Jan. Hopefully, prices will come down unless the lockdown puts a high demand on laptops again.