Recommended partitions for Installing Zorin on a blank HDD


I'm trying to install Zorin OS on a 1TB HDD with nothing on it (completely formatted with the Zorin OS 16.1 disk image on it) and the only option I can do is manually partition the drive. I know I need an EFI partition, a swap partition and a / partition, but it seems to return an error that prevents me from going further no matter what partitions I do.

Can you please recommend a partition setup I could use? I'd greatly appreciate it if you could.

Your description sounds like the right set up. Can you please relay the error you are seeing?

Deepest apologies, but I'm getting the error message up and it might take a while. Please bear with me.

Thanks for you patience, I have two error messages to share

I would run Zorin in Live mode and delete all partitions on the drive if any were created. When you get to the installation, choose the 'something else' method.
You will need to create an EFI (or sometimes seen it referred to as ESP in other iterations of Zorin and create a 50 Mb FAT32 partition for it and mark it as EFI/ESP. Next create a Primary Partition of 50 Gb for the root file system, format to Ext4 and label it '/'. Next create a Logical Partition - inside of this create a swap partition at the END of the Logical Partition and mark it as 'swap area'.
Lastly, all the remaining free space in front of swap area, format to Ext4 and label it as '/home'. Then continue with the installation.


For me with partitioning help tutorial on this forum.

Do you mean /efi? If I do that, then I get a message saying the installation may fail because I didn't format as EFI (instead of FAT32).

Does this look right?

No good. Same errors as before. (See images above your post.

Are you installing on a Mounted Drive?
The drive must be unmounted in order to install Zorin OS onto it.

I am, but the installer asked that I should unmount the whole thing. I'm going to try to install from a USB and see what happens.

This is standard...
Create a bootable medium on USB. Boot the Installer or the Try Zorin, then run the GUI installer. Install to the actual unmounted hard drive on the machine.

After what looked like forever, the installation was successful. An apology is in order on my end, so I'm sorry that I didn't think of this in the first place.

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If you want some endless entertainment - you could go back to the archives and read some of my posts from when I first moved over to Zorin OS from Windows as a first time Linux user.
Makes me want to curl up in a ball and suck my thumb and cry. I try not to think of my past posts much...

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