Refund for zorin pro copy

I need a refund for my copy, I hope you can help me.

@AZorin pls help.

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Changed from Chat to Feedback.

As a Pro user you should have a Zorin email address with your download link etc.
You could send the devs an email to that email address to ask for a refund.
Please be patient as there are only 2 devs spinning the plates on this distro.


I read that and I understand, i have no worries in wait. Btw, I'm going to reply to the email that send me the iso/key. Thanks for your comment!

Hi, it's me again. I understand that maybe Zorin devs doesn't have enough time, but where can I contact for a direct communication without install zorin os?

Please scroll down to the Contact Us portion. You will notice an option for Pro Users that can be selected.

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Actually they respond in a timely fashion just like any other business. And unlike google or M$ the don't make it hard to communicate. And not a bunch of auto responds. but it isn't like going to McD's and having a problem with your meal or Walmart.

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